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What Congestion Taxers Do Not Want You to Know

Keep NYC Congestion Tax Free represents a diverse coalition of civic, business and labor organizations and businesses throughout New York City. We share a simple vision: to keep our city congestion tax free. Our coalition opposes the imposition of tolls on the City's FREE East River and Harlem River Bridges. Our members previously opposed the $8 fee ($21 for trucks) then Mayor Bloomberg proposed to impose on drivers entering Manhattan below 86th Street. Our members urge New Yorkers to deliver a simple message to our legislators: "Say no to any toll-tax fee scheme that seeks to charge us to enter Manhattan." Many supporters and coalition members propose alternatives that better address traffic issues in our entire city and provide new and fair sources to support mass transit.

Please look through own our reports, statements and commentaries and the reports of others including dedicated public officials.

Keep NYC Congestion Tax Free will explore the issues and share further commentaries as long as efforts continue to impose this congestion tax or any other scheme to impose tolls on our FREE East River and Harlem River bridges on us.

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Thank you for visiting our website. We hope that this website can explain to New Yorkers the reasons for our opposition to any regressive congestion tax toll scheme. Read More

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Statement regarding the April 7, 2008 rejection of Congestion Pricing in Albany

Today's rejection of congestion pricing by Albany..... Read More

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