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Help Keep NYC Congestion Tax Free: What You Can Do To Help

Join Keep NYC Congestion Tax Free

If you join Keep NYC Congestion Tax Free, we will inform you of our efforts to keep our city congestion tax free. We regularly email updates on our reports, statements, outreach and other items of interest. Email your name, email address, address, day and evening phones numbers to We will not share your information.

Contribute to Keep NYC Congestion Tax Free

Mail your contribution by check or money order (no cash please) to Keep NYC Congestion Tax Free, 245 8th Avenue, #157, New York, NY 10011. You will receive an acknowledgment of your support. Thank you for your generosity.

Write letters to the editor

Express your views to your daily and community newspapers. Submit your letter by mail, fax or email. Your Community's weekly newspaper(s) often welcome letters from community members and like to print them, no matter how lengthy. Daily newspapers tend to prefer brief letters that respond to their articles, editorials and columns. Be sure to sign your name and provide your address (either business or home) and a contract phone number. Our reports and statements (See our media section) offer material you may want to consider in writing your letter.

Enlist your civic of community organization to join Keep NYC Congestion Tax Free

Encourage your organization to oppose the congestion tax and join the community, business and labor coalition to "Keep NYC Congestion Tax Free." It's simple. Email In your subject line, please type "Keep NYC Free". In the text of the email, please indicate the name of your organization, your name, your title or position in the organization, its address, phone and fax (if any), and your email address. Please state the following: "On behalf of (insert the name of your organization), I authorize Keep New York Congestion Tax Free to list the aforenamed group as a member of its coalition and to publicly note this affiliation on its website and materials" or use similar language.

Contact your elected officials to oppose the Congestion Tax scheme

Many concerned New Yorkers and their organizations already contracted their state and city legislators in urging they commit to keep our city congestion tax free. Your legislators need to know where you stand. As the efforts to impose a congestion tax continue, your elected officials need to hear you continue to strongly voice your position that we need to keep New York City congestion tax free. You can complete this form to tell the Governor and State Legislators that your OPPOSE congestion pricing.

If you prefer to compose your own message you can use material from our reports and media statements as your "talking points." Our links section has contact information for your State Senator, your Member of the State Assembly, your City Council Member and links to email your message to the Mayor and the Governor.